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Aries Traits & Love Compatibility

Aries Traits & Love Compatibility: Learn more about Aries characteristics, love, & compatibility with other signs. Free love compatibility reports for zodiac sign Aries.

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Aries Traits & Characteristics

What are Aries traits?
Characteristics of Aries is it good or bad?

Aries attract friends easily through their effusive charm, outgoing nature and strong leadership qualities. Aries likes to take charge of a situation rather than follow another’s lead. Whereas this can have obvious appeal for many, there are occasions when it can be a stumbling block in a relationship. The Aries also need to feel challenged by those around them to the very limits of their mental and physical powers. They value success extremely highly in everything they do, will not tolerate failure easily and revel in spontaneous and decisive action. They also expect others to have the same urge to test their abilities and can be a little too blunt for some people’s liking if they feel they are not doing so.

Aries are known for their powerful sex drives and may tend towards lust rather than romance. This may mean taking several partners before settling down in a more serious relationship. They will not be happy in a quiet and restrictive lifestyle. They strive for a partner that can fulfill their constant need for new adventures without impacting on their independence.

In spite of their independent traits, they seek true and lasting love. They are attracted to a loving and caring partner but also want someone who will stand up to them and make sure that life is constantly challenging and changing. They also have a great desire to enjoy life to the full and expect it to be both passionate and exciting. When everything falls into place they will make a great partner.

Aries Compatibility Report With The 12 Zodiac Signs

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Aries and Aries

There is one very obvious problem facing the combination of one Aries with another. Both like to take the role of leader in the relationship and, unless they can very quickly reach a compromise, that spells trouble. They may try to establish superiority over one another resulting in possibly a short and explosive relationship. Passions may run high for a time but there cannot be a future in this partnership without some very serious compromises.

The Aries is simply not cut out to be suited to the subordinate role and there will have to be a rare connection between them in order for this to survive beyond any initial attraction. Of course no two people are ever identical so there will be subtle differences in their characters that will offer a glimmer of hope but, in terms of compatibility, this is definitely not a likely candidate for long term love and happiness.

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Aries and Taurus

The Aries likes to be the dominant force within a relationship and much will depend on whether the Taurus is willing to adopt the subordinate role. There are certainly many aspects of their nature that could spark an initial attraction. The Aries will enjoy the more down-to-earth nature that the Taurus can bring to the relationship whilst the Taurus may be inspired by the more outgoing nature of the Aries. If they can establish their roles within the relationship this will boost their compatibility considerably but it may not be as straightforward as it sounds.

The Aries likes to be entertained and may become frustrated by the less imaginative Taurus. They may also become irritated at the slow and methodical approach of the Taurus and crave spontaneity. They may also experience conflict when it comes to financial matters. The Taurus is usually good at making money but Aries is equally adept at spending it. If they can find a balance there is a chance of establishing a base on which to build a lasting relationship but it is not an obvious connection.

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Aries and Gemini

The Aries and the Gemini share a common wish to keep trying new things in life and this bodes well for their relationship. There is also a good basis for compatibility in Gemini’s willingness to adapt to the need of the Aries to play the leading role in the partnership. Communication should not be a problem as both have an inquisitive mind and there should be plenty to keep each other amused.

This union has great prospects to evolve naturally into a delightful and exciting love match. Each has inspirational qualities that should adapt perfectly well to the other. Between them they could produce quite a dynamic pairing, each pushing the other to greater achievements. There appears to be little that can stand in the way of this pairing which must rank highly among all love matches of the zodiac signs.

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Aries and Cancer

The love match between the Aries and the Cancer is difficult to see because they are so very different. The Aries could be called extrovert while the Cancer is known to be the most introverted of all the zodiac signs. The Cancer can also have mood swings that may be difficult for the Aries to deal with. Similarly, the more abrupt language of the Aries could be hurtful to the more sensitive Cancer. As is often the case, their very differences may cause an initial spark.

What may begin as a powerful sexual attraction could rapidly deteriorate as their differences become more obvious. The Aries wants to take risks whereas the Cancer is overly cautious. The Cancer is very much a home bird, looking for comfort and security whereas the Aries hates to feel tied down. There are few matches that have so many obvious differences as this one and it is very hard to see it lasting beyond the initial attraction.

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Aries and Leo

The Aries and the Leo are both inclined to be leaders and can also border on egotistical. This is a potentially destructive force within the relationship that will have to be addressed in order for it to develop. If these two strong wills can be harnessed by mutual respect, then they do have many qualities that will improve their chances of compatibility. The Leo can be warm and loving and this would appeal to the Aries. However, the Leo also requires constant admiration and there will have to be considerable compromise in order to enable this relationship to last.

They should have little worries physically as they will be on the same wavelength. The key to this relationship will be finding the right blend. If they are prepared to meet each other’s needs and not get caught up in a power struggle, then it could work but it is not going to be easy.

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Aries and Virgo

The Aries can be impetuous and sometimes aggressive whilst the Virgo is usually very practical and likes to plan ahead. The Virgo can also be a little shy and very compassionate which will appeal to the needs of the Aries. The slightly aggressive and possessive nature of the Aries may offer some comfort and security to the Virgo in the relationship. There are a lot of differences between this pairing and it is difficult to accurately predict the outcome.

The more dynamic and domineering traits of the Aries will certainly attract the Virgo initially. However, the impulsive nature of the Aries could be something of a shock to the more reticent Virgo and they may not be able to last the pace. Aries is full of exciting new ideas whereas the Virgo can be meticulous and fussy. It will be hard for either to go against their instincts but, if they are willing to put in the effort, the opportunity exists to create an exciting and loving partnership.

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Aries and Libra

The emotion and passion of the Libra will attract the Aries. Likewise, the Libra will admire the fiery and impulsive nature of the Aries and a powerful initial attraction is very likely. Both the Aries and the Libra desire an active social life and this will enable them to get off to a flying start in their relationship. There are differences, notably in the Libra’s preference to take a cold, hard look at any situation as opposed to the decisive instinctive nature of the Aries.

This powerful initial attraction could be further expressed in their passionate lovemaking. In the fullness of time there is a real danger of them losing that spark between them and looking elsewhere. This pairing has the makings of a short but dynamic relationship rather than something that will last a lifetime.

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Aries and Scorpio

The Aries loves their independence and so too does the Scorpio. Once in a relationship, the Scorpio can become intense, emotional and even possessive. This sensitive side to the Scorpio could present a problem for the Aries who are known for their fiery temper. Neither likes to be controlled or manipulated and it may be that the Aries assumes command in the relationship.

This relationship could be hot and cold. Both are extremely physical but, if they fail to deal with their emotional differences, they could find it difficult to keep the partnership in tact. If they cannot resolve their disagreements quickly they will be left simmering and could leave their tempers on a very short fuse.

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Aries and Sagittarius

The Aries and the Sagittarius share a very positive outlook. They should find some compatibility in their free spirited nature and excellent communication skills. Their love of new adventures could also be a great asset to them in finding compatibility. The Sagittarius will be happy to allow the Aries to take charge in the relationship and they appear to have an almost perfect temperament to thrive with each other.

Both the Aries and the Sagittarius can be spontaneous and enjoy a busy social life so there is every reason to believe they delight in each other’s company. If they can develop this mutual understanding to an equal level of physical passion then there is a wonderful opportunity for them to have a wholly satisfying and long lasting relationship together.

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Aries and Capricorn

Both the Aries and the Capricorn have a determination to succeed. However, they have different ways of achieving this. The Aries is impulsive and will not plan things out beforehand whereas the Capricorn must have everything mapped out before starting work. There may also be emotional differences between this pairing as the Capricorn does tend to bottle things up. This will not sit comfortably with the more impetuous Aries and a few harsh words might be required.

There may also be an issue over who takes the dominant role, as both tend to bring leadership qualities to the table. There could also be problems financially as the Aries can be more of a spender whilst the Capricorn will have an eye on the future. The Aries likes to take risks whereas the Capricorn will often prefer to play it safe. On the face of it there are just too many personality conflicts for this combination to survive.

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Aries and Aquarius

Aries and Aquarius have the potential to make an exciting match, although there will be elements of the relationship that could cause difficulties. It is possible that the two might spark a stormy relationship if the Aries cannot cope with the more methodical approach of the Aquarius. Although both the Aries and the Aquarius can be experimental, the Aries is the more adventurous of the pair and there is a risk that their physical and emotional needs may not be met.

However, there are many areas in which the Aries and the Aquarius seem highly compatible and, should a strong bond form between them, they will be able to provide one another with everything they need. Both are capable of a loving long-term relationship in which their best qualities are allowed to flourish. Of all the possible pairings, that between the Aries and the Aquarius is certainly one of the most exciting.

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Aries and Pisces

The Aries with the Pisces could be a very complex relationship. The Pisces is a little shy and easily led and the Aries is confident and vivacious. The Aries likes to be dominant and this part of the relationship could be quickly established. The more sensual and caring nature of the Pisces will appeal to the Aries and, provided they can overcome their differences in temperament, there is a good chance of an excellent connection.

There are more positives than negatives in terms of compatibility for the Aries and Pisces and they could have a very enjoyable and long lasting partnership. However, there is a risk that the more direct approach of the Aries may prove hurtful to the more sensitive Pisces. If the Pisces is able to calm the Aries and they can balance their differences they can certainly make a go of it. The key to the success of this partnership is avoiding the extremes of their nature and moving a little towards the other. If this can be achieved, then it could become a long lasting and romantic relationship.

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