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Cancer Traits & Love Compatibility

Cancer Traits & Love Compatibility: Learn more about Cancer characteristics, love, & compatibility with other signs. Free love compatibility reports for zodiac sign Cancer.

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Cancer Traits & Characteristics

What are Cancer traits?
Characteristics of Cancer is it good or bad?

Cancer have a lot of the ideal traits that you may look for in a loving and last relationship. They are often loving, protective and extremely creative. On the downside, they can appear overly cautious, moody and a little unpredictable. The Cancer will generally have a marked preference for the stability and comfort of home life rather than too much excitement and adventure. They have a natural protective instinct, both of their property and their loved ones. Although the Cancer are usually very sensitive and emotional, they will seldom allow themselves to show this side of their personality, which tends to make them appear the very opposite. However, when they are in a loving relationship they do not hide their true emotions from their partner who may find them surprisingly insecure.

Because they are quite fragile, they do need a strong partner who can provide constant support and encouragement. Whilst finding it difficult to put their trust in people, once they have done so they will want that friendship to last a lifetime. Similarly with relationships, they may take their first serious lover to be their life partner. In a long-term relationship the Cancer is fiercely protective and loyal. If you can cope with their contradictions and get to know their inner selves, you could scarcely have a more reliable, considerate and loving life partner.

Cancer Compatibility Report With The 12 Zodiac Signs

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Cancer and Aries

The Aries could be called extrovert while the Cancer is known to be the most introverted of all zodiac signs. The Cancer can also have mood swings that may be difficult for the Aries to deal with. Similarly, the more abrupt language of the Aries could be hurtful to the more sensitive Cancer. As is often the case, their very differences may cause an initial attraction but the relationship could rapidly deteriorate as their differences become more obvious. The Aries wants to take risks whereas the Cancer is overly cautious. The Cancer is very much a home bird, looking for comfort and security, whilst the Aries hates to feel tied down. There are few matches that have so many obvious differences as this one and it is very hard to see it lasting beyond the initial phase.

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Cancer and Taurus

This has the makings of a good combination. Both the Cancer and the Taurus crave security and stability and are capable of great love and affection. The Cancer also brings added craft and imagination to the Taurus and their willingness to please one another bodes well for them romantically. The Taurus is well equipped to understand the mood changes of the Cancer and should be able to keep the relationship on a even footing. Although the Cancer and Taurus have different personal traits, they are ones that knit together quite nicely so that they can deal with most problems that come their way. If the relationship turns sour, the Cancer can become entrenched in a rather loveless partnership but the prospects are good with a little bit of compromise.

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Cancer and Gemini

The Gemini certainly has the potential to attract and intrigue the Cancer but it is not certain that they will pass the test of time. The Cancer is far more of a stay-at-home personality than the Gemini who will soon become restless. The Gemini enjoy social activities and like to meet new people and new challenges. They could soon find themselves drifting apart. The Cancer is also more emotional than the Gemini and will find the fickle nature of the Gemini very frustrating. There may be a promising start for this pair but it is difficult to see it lasting a lifetime.

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Cancer and Cancer

Both will be extremely emotional and tend to get hurt quite easily. When a Cancer becomes involved with another Cancer they can form a very strong bond as their similar temperaments will improve their compatibility. Their relationship will be very intimate, loving and protective. There could be problems with their mood swings and the extremely high level of emotions could make things difficult. A Cancer love match with another Cancer can be a difficult partnership to accurately predict. Much will depend on how much they are prepared to make things work and whether on has the strength to take charge when required.

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Cancer and Leo

The Cancer and the Leo individuals have excellent prospects of forming a strong relationship together. The Leo is a natural leader and this is a role that the Cancer is never particularly happy taking on. They will be happy to follow a strong lead and this will enable them to relax and reveal their most creative qualities. The Leo can be very romantic and loving and this will be reciprocated by the Cancer once trust is established. They both value their home life extremely highly and a warm and comfortable future together is a good possibility for this excellent match.

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Cancer and Virgo

Although the Cancer and the Virgo are very different from one another, they have a surprisingly good compatibility for a loving relationship. The Cancer is blessed with patience in abundance and they may need all of it to cope with the meticulous Virgo. A possible problem area could be the tendency of the Virgo to vent their frustration when things don’t meet their exacting standards. The Cancer is quite emotional and could easily be offended if the Virgo does not show a little patience and understanding. If they can learn to adapt to one another’s strengths and weaknesses there is every chance of a very special partnership forming.

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Cancer and Libra

The Cancer and the Libra share a need for a settled and harmonious lifestyle. Neither can deal with conflict very well and wants life to be peaceful at all times. They are also capable of being extremely loving and considerate towards their partner and these qualities give them an excellent basis for compatibility. The Libra is much the more practically minded of the two and this could prove extremely beneficial to the Cancer. They really do need someone with the ability to make decisions with their head rather than their heart. The Cancer is too easily governed by their emotions and by the wishes of others and a Libra can provide some strength and support.

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Cancer and Scorpio

The compatibility between the Cancer and the Scorpio is good. Both signs are very emotional but can also be considerate and kind. They have many similarities in their outlook that suggest a bond could easily be formed on an emotional and intellectual level. Both demand loyalty and affection and a mutual understanding should be quickly established. There are also excellent prospects for love and romance with this pairing. The difficulties could arise from the lack of obvious strength in difficult times but, if they work together to form a powerful union, the rest should come naturally. This has the potential to be one of the most emotional but successful of relationships.

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Cancer and Sagittarius

The prospects of a love match between the zodiac signs of the Cancer and the Sagittarius are poor. There are so many basic differences that it is hard to see how they might overcome them. The Cancer is very strong on family and the home whilst the Sagittarius wants to be free to travel and enjoy life to the full. They thrive on change whilst the Cancer needs stability and security in their lives. They will also be world’s apart on an emotional level. The Cancer is ruled by their heart whilst the Sagittarius can appear cold and distant. The inevitable conclusion is that the Cancer will feel insecure and unsettled and the Sagittarius will feel constrained and frustrated.

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Cancer and Capricorn

If there is to be any realistic chance of these two very opposing signs forming a lasting relationship, the key has to be communication. In almost all aspects of life, the personality traits of the Cancer and the Capricorn do not match. The Cancer is ruled by their heart whilst the Capricorn is ruled by their head. The Capricorn is both practical and ambitious, qualities that the Cancer sometimes lacks and badly needs! If they are able to combine their very different characteristics into one strong relationship, there is just a chance this might work. They share a desire for a faithful and loving relationship but will have to take the time to accept each other’s point of view and work towards a common goal.

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Cancer and Aquarius

The unpredictable nature of the Aquarius will prove difficult for the more emotionally vulnerable Cancer. The Aquarius has a much greater need to retain their independence within a relationship than a Cancer who will be looking to settle down. The Aquarius may have to concede a lot of their freedom in order for the Cancer to feel secure and it is difficult to see this as an ideal match. There could just be too much required of both partners to make this sustainable.

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Cancer and Pisces

The Cancer and the Pisces are both of a quite emotional and compassionate nature. These are positive traits that will help them to develop compatibility and form a solid relationship. The strong romantic nature of the Pisces will work well with the imaginative and creative Cancer and could greatly enhance their enjoyment of life. They have the potential to form an affectionate and sensitive couple who can spur each other on to greater achievement. The Cancer can also provide the Pisces with the protective and loyal partner that they need. This is one of the most promising of all love matches.

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