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Leo Traits & Love Compatibility

Leo Traits & Love Compatibility: Learn more about Leo characteristics, love, & compatibility with other signs. Free love compatibility reports for zodiac sign Leo.

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Leo Traits & Characteristics

What are Leo traits?
Characteristics of Leo is it good or bad?

Leo are blessed with many positive traits such as generosity, warmth, loyalty and creativity. They usually have a kind and loving disposition that makes them attractive partners. However, they can also be controlling and intolerant so there are plenty of factors to consider if a lasting relationship with a Leo is to be achieved. Read ahead to find out all about Leo Compatibility!

The Leo is generally a warm-hearted individual who will provide you with a lifelong friendship once you have gained their trust. The Leo also have a very focused attention to whatever challenge is put before them and a determination to see it through to a successful conclusion. They much prefer to be in control than to follow orders, which can be a good quality when involved with a less domineering partner.

The Leo is very open and direct when expressing themselves and love to be the center of attention. They are very outgoing and love to socialize, being prepared to go to great lengths to please their friends and loved ones. They do genuinely seek a lifelong partner and enjoy stability in their lives. They can also make for very adventurous and passionate lovers. The Leo will not be everyone’s ideal partner but, if you can harness that slightly enlarged ego and provide them with security and a sincere loving relationship, then they will make fiercely protective, passionate and rewarding partners.

Leo Compatibility Report With The 12 Zodiac Signs

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Leo and Aries

The Leo and the Aries are both inclined to be leaders and can also border on egotistical. This is a potentially destructive force within the relationship that will have to be addressed in order for it to develop. If these two strong wills can be harnessed by mutual respect, then they do have many qualities that will improve their chances of compatibility. The Leo can be warm and loving and this would appeal to the Aries. However, the Leo also requires constant admiration and there will have to be considerable compromise in order for this relationship to last. They should have few worries physically as they will be on the same wavelength. The key to this relationship will be finding the right blend. If they are prepared to meet each other’s needs and not get caught up in a power struggle, then it could work but it is not going to be easy.

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Leo and Taurus

This is a typical case of “opposites attract” and there could certainly be plenty of passion in the early stages. The main problem facing the Leo and the Taurus in terms of compatibility is that they are both intrinsically stubborn by nature. If problems develop, the Leo resorts to anger and the Taurus becomes obstinate. Leo is likely to adopt the leading role and the Taurus is capable of providing the attention that Leo needs. Again, there could be problems ahead if the Leo tries to dominate the Taurus. There could also be problems financially as the Taurus is careful with money whilst the Leo enjoys nothing more than a spending spree. Whether there will be anything more to this relationship beyond the initial attraction is open to doubt.

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Leo and Gemini

There are good prospects for this pair as they are both positive and outgoing in their approach to life. They both want to enjoy their lives and both have an adventurous nature. The Leo may be a good match in terms of allowing the Gemini the freedom they need in a relationship to reveal their best qualities. Their naturally optimistic and energetic outlook on life will help them to strengthen their relationship. There may also be plenty of room for love and romance to blossom. However, the Gemini could struggle to provide the adoration on which the Leo thrives. In general, there are more positives than negatives about this pairing.

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Leo and Cancer

The Leo and the Cancer individuals have excellent prospects of forming a strong relationship together. The Leo is a natural leader and this is a role that the Cancer is never particularly happy taking on. They will be happy to follow a strong lead and this will enable them to relax and reveal their most creative qualities. The Leo can be very romantic and loving and this will be reciprocated by the Cancer once trust is established. They both value their home life extremely highly and a warm and comfortable future together is a good possibility for this excellent match.

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Leo and Leo

The biggest problem in the compatibility between two Leos is that neither will be happy to play the subordinate role. Both will want to be the center of attention at all times and one of them will have to be prepared to take a step back. This fundamental issue will have to be resolved quickly if there is to be any future for this particular love match. They will have to learn to respect each other’s views and find a happy middle ground. This will not come naturally to a Leo and is a major concern. On the positive side, two Leos would be perfectly compatible on an emotional level. Both of them are very passionate, loyal, romantic and full of consideration for their loved ones. If these two could work out their problems then there is a possibility of a very strong bond developing.

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Leo and Virgo

Although there are numerous differences between the Leo and the Virgo, it is possible for these two signs to create a happy union with a very well balanced relationship. Both the Leo and the Virgo possess very powerful personalities, but there is every chance that they could compliment one another very nicely. The Leo will be able to teach the Virgo to relax and enjoy life without everything having to be planned meticulously. The Virgo can teach the Leo a little patience and sensitivity. Their prospects for compatibility extend to the workplace where the Virgo tend to work quietly but efficiently in contrast to the bold and attention seeking Leo. However, a note of caution is required as these two signs can both be a little full of their own importance and a clash is not out of the question.

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Leo and Libra

The Leo and Libra zodiac signs have plenty of common personality traits and this pairing has excellent compatibility. They both crave love and romance and like to live life to the full so there will be no shortage of passion between this pair. They are both social creatures too so they should have a wonderful time wining and dining in the early throes of romance. Where there are differences, they can merge them quite successfully to the benefit of the relationship. The stubborn nature of the Leo will be balanced by the more flexible Libra. The Libra is also perfectly able to handle the Leo with their qualities of tact and diplomacy. All things considered, the prospects are excellent for a loving and exciting love match between these two.

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Leo and Scorpio

An obvious problem for the combination of the Leo and a Scorpio is that both can be quite stubborn. However, there is a good argument for this pair in terms of compatibility if they can harness their combined strength of character into a unified force. The Leo and the Scorpio could certainly be attracted by each other’s strength and determination to succeed. Whether or not they can get along without one trying to dominate the other is the key to this relationship. The prospects for a love match between a Leo and a Scorpio hinge on the initial power struggle. Although both are capable of strong commitment, they are equally prone to fits of jealousy and this could also spell trouble. When things are going well then anything is possible but there is always likely to be a combustible element to this relationship.

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Leo and Sagittarius

The Leo and the Sagittarius have a lot in common. They are both naturally optimistic, fun loving and full of energy. They also love to socialize and make the most of life. They can also be very impulsive and it is easy to see these two igniting a wildly passionate and exciting relationship together. There are differences but nothing that appears likely to seriously threaten the pairing. The Sagittarius is well equipped to cope with the Leo’s stubborn streak. If there is a danger it could be that they enjoy themselves too much without taking the time to consider their finances and their future. Their wish to live for the moment can sometimes leave little in reserve. The Sagittarius is not quite so keen as the Leo to jump into a committed relationship and will tend to “go with the flow” but, as long as they are having a good time, neither will be too concerned. With prospects also good for a wonderful physical relationship, this partnership has a lot more going for it than most.

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Leo and Capricorn

The personality traits of a Leo and the Capricorn do not offer a great deal of hope in terms of compatibility. A Capricorn is not very emotional and may appear too distant for the Leo who is usually warm and passionate. Their outlook on life is completely different with the Leo living for the moment and the Capricorn squirreling away funds for the future. The Leo enjoys adulation and flattery but will not receive too much of this from the Capricorn. On the plus side, they are both capable of a committed and loyal relationship but they will have to learn to love one another rather than try to change. An awful lot of compromise may be needed for this partnership to function successfully.

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Leo and Aquarius

This is a difficult relationship to predict with any certainty. While there are certainly conflicts, there are also ways in which these can be turned into positives. The confidence and strength of the Aquarius will attract the Leo but they may be lacking in passion and emotion to fully satisfy the Leo. Whilst they both have an inquisitive nature, they may ultimately go in different directions. And yet, there is a possibility that their differences are not so pronounced as it first appears and could be knitted together to form a loving relationship.

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Leo and Pisces

The Leo and the Pisces have several opposing personality traits but they can be turned into positives. The Pisces will be happy to allow the Leo to adopt the leading role in things but may ultimately find their more domineering style disconcerting. The Pisces are not very good at expressing their feelings and their slightly mystical nature will at first intrigue but later confuse the Leo. The Leo thrives on attention and their outgoing nature may be curtailed by the more reticent Pisces. Romantically there may some initial curiosity but these two signs are so very different that confusion will be a frequent obstacle. When problems do occur it is difficult to see how these two are going to resolve them and it makes for an uncomfortable pairing.

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