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Libra Traits & Love Compatibility

Libra Traits & Love Compatibility: Learn more about Libra characteristics, love, & compatibility with other signs. Free love compatibility reports for zodiac sign Libra.

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Libra Traits & Characteristics

What are Libra traits?
Characteristics of Libra is it good or bad?

Libra Compatibility
Libra is blessed with some of the most valuable qualities to preserve and enhance a relationship. They are among the most understanding and considerate of lovers and will go to great lengths to resolve any issues that arise. The Libra can be incredibly tolerant and forgiving of flaws in their partners and have a naturally calm and easy-going nature.

Where the Libra can sometimes cause irritation in their partner is when showing an apparent ambivalence when a more excited or angry reaction might be expected. Equally, they may appear angered by a situation that does not seem to warrant it. However, in general the Libra is among the easiest of signs with which to develop a friendship and relationship. They have a balanced view of life and an in-built desire for justice. Consequently they can sometimes find themselves in the position of mediator, helping to solve a situation amicably to restore the world to their preferred state of equilibrium.

Libra is the sign of partnerships, unions and marriage so it is natural for them to want to bond closely with someone from an early age. They do not like to be alone and, if they are not in a loving relationship, they will be constantly seeking to find one. The Libra of both sexes are sensitive, romantic and loyal and make truly wonderful partners for life’s journey.

Libra Compatibility Report With The 12 Zodiac Signs

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Libra and Aries

The emotion and passion of the Libra will attract the Aries. Likewise, the Libra will admire the fiery and impulsive nature of the Aries and a powerful initial attraction is likely. Both the Libra and the Aries desire an active social life and this will enable them to get off to a flying start in their relationship. There are differences, notably in the Libra’s preference to take a long, hard look at any situation as opposed to the decisive and instinctive nature of the Aries. This strong initial attraction could be further expressed in their passionate lovemaking. In the fullness of time there is a real danger of them losing the spark between them and looking elsewhere. This pairing has the makings of a short but dynamic relationship rather than something that will last a lifetime.

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Libra and Taurus

The Libra and the Taurus may have an enjoyable and romantic first few meetings but there may not be much beneath the surface to keep them together. They will share an enjoyment of the arts and may even be suitably challenging intellectually but ultimately they could prove a poor match. The Taurus will probably fail to live up to the romantic requirements of the Libra who, in turn, is unlikely to be ready for commitment as soon as the Taurus would like. Unfortunately neither of them has the capacity to deal with these sorts of problems and rows appear inevitable. The Taurus may become jealous of the Libra’s romantic nature whilst the Libra will take a dim view of the Taurus should they attempt to dominate.

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Libra and Gemini

The Libra and the Gemini are well suited intellectually and emotionally. In the early stages it is very easy to see a strong physical attraction and passions may flow. The Libra and the Gemini also share an artistic nature and are likely to have very similar tastes and idea of a what constitutes a good time. Their almost instinctive understanding should quickly enable them to develop trust and jealousy is unlikely to be a concern. The prospects for a warm, loving and lasting relationship are excellent.

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Libra and Cancer

The Libra and the Cancer share a need for a settled and harmonious lifestyle. Neither can deal with conflict very well and wants life to be peaceful at all times. They are also capable of being extremely loving and considerate towards their partner and these qualities give them an excellent basis for compatibility. The Libra is much the more practically minded of the two and this could prove extremely beneficial to the Cancer. They really do need someone with the ability to make decisions with their head rather than their heart. The Cancer is too easily governed by their emotions and by the wishes of others and a Libra can provide much-needed strength and support.

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Libra and Leo

The Libra and Leo zodiac signs have plenty of common personality traits and this pairing has excellent compatibility. They both crave love and romance and like to live life to the full so there will be no shortage of passion between this pair. They are both social creatures too so they should have a wonderful time wining and dining in the early throes of romance. Where there are differences, they can merge them quite successfully to the benefit of the relationship. The stubborn nature of the Leo will be balanced by that of the more flexible Libra. All things considered, the prospects are excellent for a loving and exciting love match between these two.

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Libra and Virgo

There are a lot of basic differences between a Libra and a Virgo that could give cause for concern. They have a different outlook on life and very different temperaments. The Libra loves to socialize and gain knowledge from other’s people’s experience and ideas. They do not judge people and are always open to contrary viewpoints. The Virgo is not overly keen on socializing and can be very critical of others and their opinions. They will need to work hard to resolve these differences to find any sort of balance in this relationship.

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Libra and Libra

The strength of the relationship between two Libra individuals is that they possess the same positive qualities. Inevitably, they also share the same negative traits which could leave them vulnerable. This makes it a very difficult pairing to accurately predict. A Libra definitely requires a life partner as they find it unnatural to live alone. When not in a relationship, they are always hoping to find one.

Their natural charm and diplomacy should enable them to be comfortable in one another’s company. Both of them will be intent on maintaining harmony in a relationship and will strive to please their partner. They also value balance and equality so there may be a lack of leadership. Their mutual aversion to conflict could work both ways. In order to keep the peace, they may avoid a problem that will have to be sorted out before they can move on. This is a relationship that has good prospects but will need time and patience to develop properly.

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Libra and Scorpio

The Scorpio is much more emotional than the Libra who prefers to maintain a safe distance in any relationship. The Scorpio can also be jealous and possessive which are not ideal character traits for dealing with the Libra. The hope is that the balanced outlook of the Libra will help to stabilize the more extreme Scorpio so that a compromise can be reached. There should be excellent chemistry between the pair and both can be extremely romantic. In many ways, the different personal traits can be inter-woven to form a very successful partnership.

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Libra and Sagittarius

The Libra and the Sagittarius share a number of personality traits that produce a good relationship compatibility. Both prize their freedom and enjoy socializing and experiencing new things. The Libra is much more balanced and cautious than the Sagittarius and this could enable them to work very well as a team. The Libra needs some intimacy but will not attempt to curb the free spirit of the Sagittarius. Their social life and their romance have truly excellent prospects and this is definitely one of the better matches of all the zodiac signs.

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Libra and Capricorn

The Libra is the more outgoing of the pair and loves to interact with people. By contrast, the Capricorn can become a little self-absorbed and very serious in their outlook on life. The Libra and the Capricorn will need to reach a compromise in order to form a lasting relationship. It should not take major changes for them to complement each other and form a harmonious relationship. The Capricorn can provide security and stability whilst the Libra can keep their social activities and spirit of adventure alive. Emotionally, the Libra is much more open than the Capricorn who can struggle to express their feelings. If they can find the right level of understanding, they will be fiercely loyal and protective of one another and will gain rich rewards for the effort that they put in.

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Libra and Aquarius

This has the makings of a strong relationship as they share many of the same attributes. They both enjoy communication with other people, socializing and making new friends. They both need a certain amount of freedom to allow their individuality to flourish and this should work perfectly. The Libra will be attracted by the leadership qualities of the Aquarius as neither have the urge to be particularly dominant.

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Libra and Pisces

The Libra and the Pisces are both sensitive people with an aversion to conflict. They also have many other similar characteristics including a naturally warm and passionate nature. Problems may arise if the Pisces drifts off into their dream world leaving the Libra totally bewildered. There is a strong likelihood of an initial attraction and the Libra will find them drawn by the romantic nature of the Pisces. However, they do not have the skills to deal easily with the more demanding side of the Pisces and the shine could quickly disappear from this relationship. It is not impossible for this pairing to work but there are certainly some significant compatibility issues.

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