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Taurus Traits & Love Compatibility

Taurus Traits & Love Compatibility: Learn more about Taurus characteristics, love, & compatibility with other signs. Free love compatibility reports for zodiac sign Taurus.

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Taurus Traits & Characteristics

What are Taurus traits?
Characteristics of Taurus is it good or bad?

The Taurus are usually very practical individuals who choose security and routine over risk and adventure. The Taurus prefers the company of close friends and family and, once among friends, they are warm hearted, generous and placid. The Taurus make extremely loyal and dependable partners and are most unlikely to lie, steal or cheat.

The Taurus may be practical but they are not boring or dull. They are extremely good-natured and giving in a relationship. They can also be very artistic and creative and have an incredible determination to succeed in all they do. When they date, they are looking for a partner with whom they can settle down and not just have a casual fling. Their practicality extends to planning for the future of themselves, their partner and their family and this often includes being astute with money and saving for a rainy day. Indeed, they can feel extremely vulnerable if they do not have some financial security.

The Taurus of both sexes prefer long-lasting relationships and seek stability in their lives. They tend to be average lovers with little regard for fantasy and are likely to shy away from sexual experimentation but, for them, love and sex are inextricably linked. When they are settled with a steady and devoted partner they will do anything in their power to make it a truly loving and lasting relationship.

Taurus Compatibility Report With The 12 Zodiac Signs

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Taurus and Aries

The Aries likes to be the dominant force within a relationship and much will depend on whether the Taurus is willing to adopt the subordinate role. There are certainly many aspects of their nature that could spark an initial attraction. The Aries will enjoy the more down-to-earth nature that the Taurus can bring to the relationship whilst the Taurus may be inspired by the more outgoing Aries. If they can establish their roles within the relationship this will boost their compatibility considerably but it may not be as straightforward as it sounds.

The Aries likes to be entertained and may become frustrated by the less imaginative Taurus. They may also become irritated at the slow and methodical approach of the Taurus and crave spontaneity. They may also experience conflict when it comes to financial matters. The Taurus is usually good at making money but Aries is equally adept at spending it. If they can find a balance there is a chance of establishing a base on which to build a lasting relationship but it is not an obvious connection.

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Taurus and Taurus

This combination may not be the most exciting, as both are essentially domestic creatures with no great desire for adventure. Without that spark, they may also prove to be disappointing lovers. The Taurus male tends to enjoy the company of other men whilst the female cannot tolerate deceit or lack of attention. On the plus side, they should make an excellent couple as far as money management are concerned and both can be extremely loyal and affectionate. If they are able to develop their own interests independent from one another they will have a greater chance of enjoying each other’s company in the long term. The prospects are good for a pleasant, if less than exhilarating relationship.

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Taurus and Gemini

There may be some early fireworks as Taurus may find the Gemini quite tantalizing and they in turn will respond to the bold approach of the Taurus. The Taurus will also be intrigued by the creativity and imagination of the Gemini but this initial infatuation may not last. There is a possibility that the Gemini will ultimately find the Taurus irritating and, once unsettled, the Gemini will be far too complicated for the Taurus to deal with. The Gemini loves change and the Taurus will try to resist it. The rapidly changing nature of the Gemini will confuse and annoy the Taurus and they could find themselves heading in opposite directions. This has the hallmarks of a short but stormy relationship where the passion eventually gives way to resentment.

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Taurus and Cancer

This has the makings of a good combination. Both the Taurus and the Cancer crave security and stability and are capable of great love and affection. The Cancer also brings added craft and imagination to the Taurus and their willingness to please one another bodes well for them romantically. The Taurus is well equipped to understand the mood changes of the Cancer and should be able to keep the relationship on a even footing. Although the Taurus and Cancer have different personal traits, they are ones that knit together quite nicely so that they can deal with most problems that come their way. If the relationship turns sour, the Cancer can become entrenched in a rather loveless partnership but the prospects are good with a little bit of compromise.

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Taurus and Leo

This is a typical case of “opposites attract” and there could certainly be plenty of passion in the early stages. The main problem facing the Taurus and the Leo in terms of compatibility is that they are both intrinsically stubborn by nature. If problems develop the Leo resorts to anger and the Taurus becomes obstinate. Leo is likely to adopt the leading role and the Taurus is capable of providing the attention that Leo needs. Again, there could be problems ahead if the Leo tries to dominate the Taurus excessively. There could also be problems financially as the Taurus is careful with money whilst the Leo enjoys nothing more than a spending spree. Whether there will be anything more to this relationship after the strong physical attraction starts to wane is open to doubt.

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Taurus and Virgo

The Taurus and the Virgo are a good match in terms of their intellectual interest and their desire for domestic stability. The Virgo may not be the perfect lover for the Taurus as they are usually ultra-conventional and may not appreciate the more varied desires of the Taurus. Generally, however, there doesn’t seem to be a great deal for this partnership to worry about. The tenacious Taurus will be beautifully complemented by the sharp thinking Virgo and they will do very well together. Both are very mindful of their finances and they should be able to plan very well for their future. Given a little patience, the potential for the love match of a Taurus with a Virgo is excellent.

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Taurus and Libra

The Taurus and the Libra may have an enjoyable and romantic first few meetings but there may not be much beneath the surface to hold them together. They will share an enjoyment of the arts and may even be suitably challenging intellectually but ultimately they could prove a poor match. After the initial excitement, the Taurus will probably fail to live up to the romantic requirements of the Libra who, in turn, is unlikely to be ready for commitment as soon as the Taurus would like. Unfortunately neither of them has the capacity to deal with these sort of problems and rows appear inevitable. The Taurus may even become jealous of the Libra’s romantic nature whilst the Libra will take a dim view of the Taurus should they attempt to dominate.

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Taurus and Scorpio

The match between a Taurus and a Scorpio will be fired by great passion as they are both highly sexual in nature. Whether they can keep the flame burning long enough to compromise on their stronger characteristics is another matter. They can both become very jealous and stubborn. The Taurus can be very possessive in a relationship whilst the Scorpion is the more emotional. With their somewhat volatile nature it is going to take an almighty effort to work through their differences and reach agreement. They will have the intelligence to know what to do but it is doubtful that they will be sufficiently tolerant to see it through.

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Taurus and Sagittarius

The Taurus and the Sagittarius have very different personality traits and not ones that sit easily with one another. Any initial physical attraction may be short-lived. Whilst the Taurus will enjoy the enigmatic Sagittarius as a lover they will be not get any feeling of stability or security from them. Whilst the Taurus puts great importance in their home and surroundings, the Sagittarius will be oblivious to these concerns and are very good at avoiding problems. This will gradually infuriate the Taurus and it is debatable whether they will easily be able to overcome their differences. The compatibility study for the Taurus and Sagittarius indicates an enjoyable but possibly brief relationship as the most likely outcome.

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Taurus and Capricorn

The Taurus and the Capricorn are both passionate by nature and there are excellent prospects for a romantic and loving relationship between them. They should possess a good mutual understanding of each other’s personality traits. As an added bonus, they are both very astute financially and they should have no problems in that department. They have the potential to balance out their differences quite beautifully. The Capricorn will be ideal to offer encouragement when the Taurus needs it most. In turn, the Taurus will have to be a little more sensitive to deal with the Capricorn but the rewards for doing so will be great. With a little work, this pairing has very fine prospects for a long and loving relationship.

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Taurus and Aquarius

On the face of it, there could be some very awkward clashes for this pairing. An Aquarius does not like to be conventional whereas the Taurus will invariably try to be exactly that. The Taurus do not like change but the Aquarius welcomes it. The Taurus is also far more passionate and has much greater need of physical love than the Aquarius. The bond that could conceivably hold them together is their determination to make things work but there will need to be a lot of compromise from both partners.

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Taurus and Pisces

The Pisces is naturally sensitive and understanding and these qualities will appeal to the Taurus. Equally, the Pisces will greatly admire the strong character and perseverance of the Taurus and will be drawn by their leadership qualities. This has the makings of a very happy combination. Pisces will enjoy the security and stability provided by the Taurus. Romantically the Taurus will be the perfect foil for the more dreamy nature of the Pisces. Both have a great appreciation for the finer things in life and there are excellent prospects for this pair to develop into a lasting and loving relationship.

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