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Virgo Traits & Love Compatibility

Virgo Traits & Love Compatibility: Learn more about Virgo characteristics, love, & compatibility with other signs. Free love compatibility reports for zodiac sign Virgo.

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Virgo Traits & Characteristics

What are Virgo traits?
Characteristics of Virgo is it good or bad?

Virgo have many positive traits to offer a relationship, notably their practicality and reliability. They are also known for their excellent hygiene, modesty and adaptability. On the other hand, they can be fussy, conservative and critical which can call for a great deal of patience from their partner.

The Virgo tend to lack a bit of conviction when it comes to decision making and can sometimes appear emotionally distant. But this is by no means a true reflection of their character as, deep down, they are kind, sympathetic, witty and always willing to help others. Perhaps more than any other sign, it is a question of finding the right match for a Virgo. Once a truly loving connection has been formed they are extremely loyal and understanding.

The Virgo can seem to lack real passion but this is because they only feel comfortable expressing themselves when they have reached a very deep level of trust and understanding with a partner. They will rarely pursue a partner based solely on physical attraction as they are seeking a much more lasting expression of love. Ultimately, the Virgo will make the perfect partner for the right person and provide them with an enduring, if sometimes challenging, relationship.

Virgo Compatibility Report With The 12 Zodiac Signs

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Virgo and Aries

The Virgo can be a little shy and very compassionate which are qualities that will appeal to the Aries. The Aries can be impetuous and sometimes aggressive whilst the Virgo is usually very practical and likes to plan ahead. The possessive nature of the Aries may offer some comfort and security to the Virgo in the relationship. There are a lot of differences between this pairing and it is difficult to accurately predict the outcome.

The more dynamic and domineering traits of the Aries will certainly attract the Virgo. However, the impulsive nature of the Aries could be something of a shock to the more reticent Virgo and they may not be able to last the pace. It will be hard for either to go against their instincts but, if they are willing to put in the effort, the opportunity exists to create an exciting and loving partnership.

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Virgo and Taurus

The Virgo and the Taurus are a good match in terms of their intellectual interest and their desire for domestic stability. The Virgo may not be the perfect lover for the Taurus as they are usually ultra-conventional and may not appreciate the more varied desires of the Taurus. Generally, however, there doesn’t seem to be a great deal for this partnership to worry about. The tenacious Taurus will be beautifully complemented by the sharp thinking Virgo. Both are very mindful of their finances and they should be able to plan very well for their future. Given a little patience, the potential for the love match of a Virgo with a Taurus is excellent.

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Virgo and Gemini

The Gemini has a practical and rational approach to life and could find a perfect foil in the Virgo. They are both quite sociable and may be able to develop their compatibility over time. They are likely to have a good intellectual rapport and will appreciate each other’s good humour. The Gemini is more prepared to take a risk whilst the Virgo is methodical in their approach. However, they are not so diverse as to cause a significant problem. The Gemini will bring passion to the relationship and the Virgo can provide stability. There is every chance that these two could prove quite compatible.

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Virgo and Cancer

Although the Virgo and the Cancer are very different from one another, they have a surprisingly good compatibility for a loving relationship. The Cancer is blessed with patience in abundance and they may need all of it to cope with the meticulous Virgo. A possible problem area could be the tendency of the Virgo to vent their frustration when things don’t meet their exacting standards. The Cancer is quite emotional and could easily be offended if the Virgo does not show a little patience and understanding. If they can learn to adapt to one another’s strengths and weaknesses there is every chance of a very special partnership forming.

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Virgo and Leo

Although there are numerous differences between the Virgo and the Leo, it is possible for these two signs to create a happy union with a very well balanced relationship. Both the Virgo and the Leo possess very powerful personalities, but there is every chance that they could compliment one another very nicely. The Leo will be able to teach the Virgo to relax and enjoy life without everything having to plan everything in advance. The Virgo can teach the Leo a little patience and sensitivity. Their prospects for compatibility extend to the workplace where the Virgo tend to work quietly but efficiently in contrast to the bold and attention seeking Leo. However, a note of caution is required as these two signs can both be a little full of their own importance and a clash is not out of the question.

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Virgo and Virgo

When two Virgo individuals come together, the biggest problem they face will be finding a happy medium. There will be plenty of attention to detail, possibly too much. If one fails to match up to the demands of the other, there could be difficulties unless they learn to curb their critical nature. On the other hand, their loyalty and dedication is second to none so prospects will be good for the long term if they can establish some early ground rules. If they are prepared to put in the effort, this has good potential to become a lasting and loving relationship.

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Virgo and Libra

There are a lot of basic differences between a Virgo and a Libra that could give cause for concern. They have a different outlook on life and very different temperaments. The Libra loves to socialize and gain knowledge from other’s people’s experience and ideas. They do not judge people and are always open to contrary viewpoints. The Virgo is not overly keen on socializing and can be very critical of others and their opinions. They will need to work hard to resolve these differences to find any sort of balance in this relationship.

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Virgo and Scorpio

The basic nature of a Virgo is quite compatible with that of a Scorpio. Both have a practical approach towards life although the Scorpio is much more adventurous than the Virgo. However, the passion of the Scorpio could prove too much to handle for the shy Virgo so there may be compatibility problems. If they are able to learn from one another and put their individual qualities to the best advantage, they could develop into a well-balanced couple. If they can bond emotionally they will be able to put their intellect to good use and strengthen their chances of finding both love and compatibility.

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Virgo and Sagittarius

The Virgo and the Sagittarius have different approaches to life. The problem will be uniting these opposing views to form a consensus. The Virgo will have to curb their critical nature as they may find the Sagittarius almost careless at times. Both individuals will have to learn to be more tolerant and gain an understanding of their partner in order to move this relationship forward. The Virgo is extremely methodical and cautious, whilst the Sagittarius can be impetuous. Neither is particularly good at changing their natural tendencies and the compatibility for this particular pairing is not great.

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Virgo and Capricorn

Both the Virgo and the Capricorn have a very level-headed approach to life. They are realistic and dependable and have excellent compatibility. Although they go about things in a different way, their basic outlook is very similar. The Capricorn prefers to plan a long way ahead and moves relentlessly through their procedure whereas the Virgo relies of their skill and hard work to reach their goals. If there is a problem for this combination it may be in the lack of fun! But, if they set aside a little time to break free from their daily routine, the Virgo and the Capricorn can make a formidable team.

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Virgo and Aquarius

This has the potential to be a good intellectual relationship but will almost certainly be lacking a little passion and romance. The Virgo enjoys a quieter lifestyle than the Aquarius and this may curb the independence that the Aquarius is known to value. The intellectual approach to the world is similar for both the Virgo and the Aquarius so they could combine quite successfully to cope with many of life’s problems.

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Virgo and Pisces

The Virgo and the Pisces occupy different worlds. The Virgo has a more regimented and thorough approach to life and can be very judgmental. The Pisces is the opposite and lives in a slightly mystical world and it will take considerable effort to reconcile these differences. There will be plenty of initial attraction as the Pisces will be drawn by the confident and practical Virgo. Both favor life’s quieter pleasures and could enjoy each other’s company immensely. They also seek stability in their lives and there are good prospects if they can learn to deal with their differences. This coupling will not work in every instance but, given the chance to develop, there are hopes for this unusual alliance.

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