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Gemini Love Horoscope

Free Gemini love Horoscope for today, tomorrow and yesterday. Get Gemini love, romance and relationships advice for singles, couples and flirting on a daily basis.

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Today's Love Horoscope For Gemini

Today: Thursday - January 19, 2023

Today's Love

At the end of any Mercury retrograde phase, the pace of life takes a little bit to get moving along again, Gemini. Your planetary ruler will slowly but surely inch forward as he requires some time to reach peak speed once again. As he continues to regain his strength upon the icy snowdrifts and icicle peaks of Capricorn, you’ll be focusing on what you learned about your legacies in recent weeks and how you build structure in your life. You may also take a peek into the truth of how relationships can be a foundation for you.

Today's Dating

All that brainy energy has to be put to use. Find a problem and come up with an awesome solution. You're in a good position to make a big difference, so use it to your advantage.

Tomorrow's Love Horoscope For Gemini

Tomorrow: Friday - January 20, 2023

Tomorrow's Love

One of your favorite zodiac seasons of the entire year is upon you, Gemini. As the sun soars through the sky, he will dance into a fellow air sign, gifting you so much energy and excitement. This means that the sun is trine to your zodiac sign and will infuse you with opportunities for expansion and growth as you more easily move toward your personal goals. This is a great time to step outside of your comfort zone and look at your love life from a fresh perspective, as well as meet fascinating, exotic, and unique new people. Put yourself out there! The universe is smiling upon you!

Tomorrow's Dating

Listen to your heart and figure out what you really believe about that big new issue that everyone is talking about. This isn't one of those things you can just blow off, so try taking a stand!

Yesterday's Love Horoscope For Gemini

Yesterday: Wednesday - January 18, 2023

Yesterday's Love

Today may give you whiplash, Gemini. Mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger and your guardian planet, has frozen in the heavens, finally finishing his retrograde cycle. As he will dance forward through your solar eighth house of intimacy and sexuality once again, you’ll have an opportunity to improve your path. You may be assessing if your needs are truly being fulfilled by your partner — financially, sexually, emotionally, and beyond. Another helpful way this energy can be utilized is to help you and your partner assess your assets, wealth, and investments.

Yesterday's Dating

You have plenty to think about today and may find that it's easiest to put it all together if you try a new point of view. Take a walk, hang out in a new cafe, or talk to someone you trust.

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