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Leo Love Horoscope

Free Leo love Horoscope for today, tomorrow and yesterday. Get Leo love, romance and relationships advice for singles, couples and flirting on a daily basis.

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Today's Love Horoscope For Leo

Today: Friday - September 30, 2022

Today's Love

Let your heart soar as sweet Venus, our goddess of beauty, twirls through your solar third house, Leo. You will have the magic touch with everything that you write or say. You may even leave potential suitors or your current partner spellbound by your enchanting mind. Send scintillating texts, handwritten love letters, or even just chat with a crush over ZOOM. No one will be able to resist your charm or grace! If for some reason you’ve felt that things have been a bit rocky in a relationship as of late, you can use your compassionate, sensitive words to completely smooth everything out now.

Today's Dating

You know you're the best, the coolest, the smartest, or all of the above, but let other folks have their moment too! You really can all get along, but it takes some doing, especially now.

Tomorrow's Love Horoscope For Leo

Tomorrow: Saturday - October 01, 2022

Tomorrow's Love

A gorgeous day blessed by the cosmos has your name on it, Leo. As sweet Venus, our goddess planet of romance and pleasure, blows kisses from across the sky to our Great Benefic, Jupiter, you’ll be eager to throw your hands up and dance. Relax, celebrate, and party it up. This is not a day for focusing on the details and getting to work—it’s one quite literally made for joy. Don’t stress the small stuff. Just go with the flow. Indulge in good food, surroundings, drinks, and music. This will tantalize your wild heart and set it aflame. If single, be sure to put yourself out there and meet new connections.

Tomorrow's Dating

Your creative mind is the key to figuring out the latest puzzler in your life. Think through the most logical approach and then go in the opposite direction. Things should start to make sense soon.

Yesterday's Love Horoscope For Leo

Yesterday: Thursday - September 29, 2022

Yesterday's Love

An incredibly important day is upon you, Leo. As mighty Mars, the red planet of passion and drive, sizzles through your solar eleventh house of friendships and online dating, he will link to the Great Taskmaster planet, Saturn, now spinning in your solar seventh house of partnership. On one hand, this could link singles to someone who has long-term potential through their network or an app. However, if you’re happily committed, you may instead agree with your partner to build toward a lifelong aspiration side-by-side. You’ll adore their steady and loyal hand aiding you as you move toward your dream in the sky.

Yesterday's Dating

You're all excited over some new aspect of your life, maybe related to diet or exercise, but don't overdo it with your friends. Nobody wants to bore their people!

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