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Virgo Love Horoscope

Free Virgo love Horoscope for today, tomorrow and yesterday. Get Virgo love, romance and relationships advice for singles, couples and flirting on a daily basis.

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Today's Love Horoscope For Virgo

Today: Thursday - January 19, 2023

Today's Love

You may feel as if the dawn is breaking through the gray clouds now, Virgo. As your planetary ruler, mental Mercury, tiptoes forward once again, he will peer out over the icy fields at the base of the mountain of a fellow earth sign Capricorn. This particular winter retrograde phase caused us to take a deep look at our legacies. We may be assessing what we learned and how we create structure in our lives and how our relationships also play a factor. Use this time to peer deeply within before you once again take action.

Today's Dating

Your typical routine evaporates before your eyes today, but it's not so bad. Just let things happen, because every now and then a shake-up is exactly what you need to keep life interesting.

Tomorrow's Love Horoscope For Virgo

Tomorrow: Friday - January 20, 2023

Tomorrow's Love

The wheel of life turns ever on, Virgo. Today, you will welcome Aquarius season as the sun turns a corner and prances happily into the zodiac sign symbolized by the Waterbearer. In the month ahead, the pace of life will quicken, as people are more inspired to unite with others in communities. This is an excellent period to join a group that you have a common interest around. Enlist a matchmaker to search their pool of prospective suitors if you’re single and ready to mingle! You’ll be ecstatic that you’re putting yourself out there.

Tomorrow's Dating

You're still feeling intellectually playful, and you should find a few new options for getting things done to your satisfaction. Talk a friend or two into joining you in the new scheme.

Yesterday's Love Horoscope For Virgo

Yesterday: Wednesday - January 18, 2023

Yesterday's Love

2023 has started off quite slowly, Virgo. But good news is here once again! Mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger of the mind and communication and also your guardian planet, has finished his retrograde phase in your solar fifth house of romance, true love, dating, and children! You will feel this especially potently as your ruler makes sure you’re being gifted better vibrations. Going forward, this is a great period to meet new love interests and have meaningful heart-to-hearts with others. If coupled up, use this energy to discuss how you can have more fun with your mutual hobbies or children.

Yesterday's Dating

Today is all about trying new things like new ways of organizing your notes, clothes, music, or whatever it is that's totally out of hand. Your clever brain is on the job, so let it roam free!

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