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Aries Monthly Love Horoscope

Free Aries monthly love horoscope for the whole month of February 2023, next month and last month. Get Aries monthly love, romance and relationships advice!

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Love Horoscope This Month For The Month Of December 2022

Rethink some of your past romantic moves while your home planet Mars spends time retrograde in Gemini this month, Aries. Consider what might have been had you actually paid attention to some of the warning signs in your last or current relationship.

At the full moon on December 7, also in the airy sign of Gemini, communication is the top priority in your love life. Pay attention to details and follow up your words with actions. In other words, don’t promise to text someone when you have no intention of doing it!

The optimistic sun opposes Mars on the seventh as well, adding an unnecessary dose of romantic competitiveness. Why try to turn something into a contest when no one else is even thinking about it?

On December 20, fortunate Jupiter leaves empathetic Pisces for your independent sign, so you’re able to make your own luck rather than rely on others to create it for you. Your love life has a much faster pace now as well, which you thrive in.

Watch out for a big energy shift on the twenty-third as asteroid Chiron goes direct while in your courageous sign, encouraging you to leave the past behind. What’s done is done, and as much as you’d like a do-over, those are rare. Accept responsibility for whatever pain you’ve caused (to others or yourself) as you prepare to move on.

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