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Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope

Free Gemini monthly love horoscope for the whole month of September 2022, next month and last month. Get Gemini monthly love, romance and relationships advice!

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Love Horoscope This Month For The Month Of August 2022

Your smart ruler Mercury also leads earth sign Virgo, and on August 3 they start an organized, detail-focused partnership that can really help you get your act together. Go back through texts you’ve gotten from a current or potential partner and look for clues hidden between their words. It pays to be hypervigilant with all types of communication now.

Lovestruck Venus is fun-loving but also somewhat childish when she pairs with proud Leo on the eleventh, so watch out for immature behavior to get in the way of a good time. No matter how old you are or your partner or date is, throwing a tantrum in public because you didn’t get your way is a huge turnoff.

Powerful Mars exits earthy Taurus for your clever, witty sign on August 20, elevating your game to the next level. Single Twins, you’re attracted to people who have a lot of different interests, but you fall in and out of infatuation every minute. Committed Geminis, finding a hobby you and your partner both like and can do together should keep you from getting too restless.

A new moon shows up in practical Virgo on the twenty-seventh, shutting out distractions and shifting your attention to things that really matter. You’re much more attentive now, which should impress someone who previously thought you were flaky or flighty.

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