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Scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope

Free Scorpio monthly love horoscope for the whole month of July 2022, next month and last month. Get Scorpio monthly love, romance and relationships advice!

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Love Horoscope This Month For The Month Of July 2022

You gain a confident edge with your co-ruler Mars in determined, forceful Aries at the start of the month, but this combo can also cause you to be quite intimidating. And a square between Mars and Pluto, your two co-rulers, on July 1 adds a hint of danger to your personal interactions. Romantic risks might not pay off now, Scorpio.

A much calmer period is welcomed by Mars moving into practical, sensible earth sign Taurus on the fourth, giving you the sense to move past the thrills and concentrate on more down-to-earth romantic issues. You might miss the excitement of the past few weeks, but it will be kind of nice to be free of drama for a while.

A suspicious Mercury-Pluto opposition arrives on the eighteenth, causing you to put your guard up even higher than usual. Is it possible someone close to you is trying to sabotage your love life? Everyone is a suspect during this trust-testing aspect.

And to further complicate things, the sun and Pluto are in opposition on July 19, unraveling your intimate secrets and bringing them to light at the most inopportune times. Not being able to trust someone you thought had your back is heartbreaking.

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