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Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope

Free Aquarius weekly love horoscope - this week, next week and past week. Get Aquarius weekly love, romance and relationships advice!

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This Week's Love Horoscope For Aquarius

Week 27 of 2022 Week Starting at July 04 to 10

Your charisma will shoot through the roof during the first part of the work week as the Libra moon activates the area of your chart that rules spirituality. With such high vibes around you, people will naturally gravitate toward your brilliant aura, and it will be easy for your emotional connections to become amplified. Yes, the universe might feel tempted to drop a soulmate-type connection in your lap this week, but that doesn't mean you should bite. 

If you find yourself in the throes of an intense connection or whirlwind romance, be sure to ground and look for red flags. Otherwise, you could find yourself heartbroken and full of regret in the next few months. Don't despair, though. Things will come back down to earth during July 9’s Scorpio moon, which will remind you of your personal and professional goals. If any romantic entanglements are taking too much time or headspace away from these dreams, you might need to step back for a bit. 

Luckily, Mars moves into Taurus on the fourth, which can help you emotionally compartmentalize while prioritizing the work you must see to. You don't have to choose your goals over romance, but you do need to find a balance between the two.


Next Week's Love Horoscope For Aquarius

Week 28 of 2022 Week Starting at July 11 to 17

You’re opening up a new cycle of love this week with partners. Values, respect, admiration, and attachment are themes that are holding your attention at this time. Let this be a signal for you to go as far as you need to go for a partnership to be healthy and reciprocal. Focus on how to be good to yourself, so the energy rebounds most beneficially for you and your partnership. 

You may be led to spend more time deepening your connection with your partner on an internal level. Going deep rewards your partnership by fostering more understanding and brings about extra reasons to fall more deeply in love. 

This new level of inner depth is also beneficial for single Aquarians. Healing opens you up to new cycles of being that create new spaces for you to grow into in a more healed fashion. Although you’re a communicative air sign, you don’t always share as willingly as you should. You choose people wisely and carefully, and in choosing them, you know how to share with them. Get over yourself and get into your needs.

Previous Week's Love Horoscope For Aquarius

Week 26 of 2022 Week Starting at June 27 to 03

You'll be in an introspective mood on the twenty-eighth. Pain from the past or romantic paranoia may find its way to you, but ultimately you should be able to soothe yourself out of any funky vibes that descend upon your psyche. You'll feel a shift on the new moon, heightening your intuition and your emotions. This will be especially challenging, as the Neptune retrograde is affecting your judgment. Your mind and motivation will be working together, but feelings of self-doubt or uncertainty around how to manifest your dreams could hold you back if you're not careful. 

Don't put any pressure on yourself to actualize any goals on this day. Instead, use this energy to brainstorm and write out small steps that you can take in the direction you want to head. It'll be important that you have your personal affairs in order, which will act as a dreamy time that's perfect for romance. The more secure you feel within yourself, the more likely you are to have good romantic experiences, so be sure to give yourself a big pep talk before heading out to any social engagements. 

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