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Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

Free Capricorn weekly love horoscope - this week, next week and past week. Get Capricorn weekly love, romance and relationships advice!

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This Week's Love Horoscope For Capricorn

Week 39 of 2022 Week Starting at September 26 to 02

The universe will ask you to focus on yourself over the next few days. The solar placements will shine a light on emotions, people, or situations you've been turning a blind eye to, but it's all in the name of personal evolution. Don't worry, though. If love truly is meant to land in your lap right now, it will find a way. The moon begins its journey through Libra at the beginning of the week, activating romantic connections. However, it'll be important that you're pairing up with someone sensitive, insightful, and willing to give you the space you need to sort out your heart. 

A helpful connection between the moon and Neptune will also manifest this week, which should bring out these qualities within people who genuinely have them. If you run into insensitive behaviors with anyone during this time, take it as a sign from the universe to run for the hills. If you are currently involved with someone, take note of how much energy you're giving them on the twenty-sixth when the Libra moon faces off with expansive Jupiter. If you feel like you're pouring more effort into the connection than you're receiving, it's time to move on.

Next Week's Love Horoscope For Capricorn

Week 40 of 2022 Week Starting at October 03 to 9

Matters of the heart should be a priority over the next week. If there's someone special you're hoping to connect with on a deeper level, try to schedule some time together. The energy of this week will get a bit tricky. If you're really hoping to pull your crush out of their shell, the trick will be to do so in a subtle manner. Avoid putting pressure on anyone to bare their soul to you, and instead, arrange for a casual meeting in public. The idea is to create a comfortable setting so the person you're wanting to bond with feels safe talking to you. 

The week will bring a soft energy to the table, and people will be in the mood to escape their day-to-day. You should use this time as an opportunity to get in some serious self-care since these vibes can seriously dissolve stress. Don't totally step away from communication, though, as these vibes will bring a poetic element to your verbiage, which is sure to capture the whimsy of anyone you choose to flirt with. 

Previous Week's Love Horoscope For Capricorn

Week 38 of 2022 Week Starting at September 19 to 25

You may feel as though you don't have much time to dedicate to matters of the heart at the beginning of the week, dear Sea Goat, as the cosmos pushes your focus toward professional goals. With the sun shining brightly in your sign, there will also be a desire to evolve and work on yourself, which might not leave much room for romance. Take comfort in the fact that choosing to improve yourself now can only lead to more satisfying partnerships down the line. However, if you do feel ready to connect with someone new, your chance will manifest mid-week. 

This energy loves to operate on a deep level, and you may find yourself riding the same wavelength as a complete stranger with significant ease. Look for ways to meet new people that have similar interests as you do, and you could very well meet your next special someone. Think about what you value and prioritize in a romantic relationship, then make it your resolution to find a partner that meets these criteria. 

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