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Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

Free Capricorn weekly love horoscope - this week, next week and past week. Get Capricorn weekly love, romance and relationships advice!

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This Week's Love Horoscope For Capricorn

Week 27 of 2022 Week Starting at July 04 to 10

Watch for synchronicities and signs from the universe as the Virgo moon activates the sector of your chart that rules spirituality. If you've been teetering on the fence within matters of the heart recently, now would be a good time to ask the universe for guidance. Watch for synchronicities and signs from the universe as the Virgo moon activates the sector of your chart that rules spirituality. 

Meanwhile, a helpful trine between Saturn, your ruling planet, and Luna will manifest the following day, which can open doors for new romantic connections as the week progresses. Mars’ movement into Taurus on the fourth will activate the sector of your chart that rules the community, pushing you to reach out and meet new people. These vibes are perfect for getting involved in special interest groups, which would definitely help you find that special someone. Even if you don't meet someone that particularly sweeps you off your feet, it'll be good for you to strengthen your network of friends right now. 

Mercury moves into your opposite sign, Cancer, on the fourth, helping you let down your guard a bit. These vibes will help soften you toward others and act as a magnet for romance over the next several weeks. However, self-care will be the foundation of developing a healthy connection right now, so be sure to set aside plenty of time to pamper yourself!

Next Week's Love Horoscope For Capricorn

Week 28 of 2022 Week Starting at July 11 to 17

A signal for love arrives this week, and it feels good to answer the call! Spend a moment moving away from what it is that you usually do and hop out into a lovers’ adventure. This week screams quick getaway, so book the flight, hop on the plane, and get out of here! You’re going to be pleasantly surprised by what it is you learn and experience by doing something random and idealistic, especially with your lover. 

Some of the more adventurous couples may want to go on a spiritual retreat, while others may seek out a ziplining experience.  If single, this is a great time to engage with your passions and even set goals for new potential partnerships and the passions they ignite. Don’t know where to start? Go back to your roots and maybe tap the shoulder of your inner child to get your creative juices flowing. 

Doing the work is rewarding. You can enjoy the kind of partnership you want, but it’s got to come to the right definition first. Get all your interests listed and start checking off boxes based on who you meet. This is exciting and inspiring! It’s your call, Capricorn.

Previous Week's Love Horoscope For Capricorn

Week 26 of 2022 Week Starting at June 27 to 03

With the new moon opposing your sun sign, matters of the heart should be a priority over the next few weeks. If there's someone special you're hoping to connect with on a deeper level, try to schedule some time together on the twenty-eighth. The energy on this day will get a bit tricky, as Neptune retrograde begins the same day and restricts boundaries. If you're really hoping to pull your crush out of their shell, the trick will be to do so in a subtle manner. Avoid putting pressure on anyone to bare their soul to you, and instead, arrange for a casual meeting in public. The idea is to create a comfortable setting so the person you want to bond with feels safe talking to you. 

The weekend will bring a soft energy to the table, and people will be in the mood to escape their day-to-day. You should use this time as an opportunity to get in some serious self-care since these vibes can seriously dissolve stress. Don't totally step away from communication, though, as these vibes will bring a poetic element to your verbiage, which is sure to capture the whimsy of anyone you choose to flirt with.

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