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Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope

Free Scorpio weekly love horoscope - this week, next week and past week. Get Scorpio weekly love, romance and relationships advice!

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This Week's Love Horoscope For Scorpio

Week 27 of 2022 Week Starting at July 04 to 10

While the temptation to lurk on your crush's social media account will be palpable on the fourth, try not to spiral out of control by combing the comment sections of your latest obsession's public profiles. No matter what the circumstances are with the object of your affection, you're unlikely to find any concrete answers in the digital realm. Luckily, the vibe will shift later in the day when the moon changes signs into chill Libra, giving you a chance to relax and get a grip on your psyche.

If you've been feeling under-appreciated recently, Mars’ movement into Taurus on the fourth will bring you back into your true self, connecting you with your personal power within the relationship. This will also give your popularity a bit boost, as the cosmic climate adds an almost electric element to your already magnetic aura. If anyone you've had your eye on disappoints you around this time, kicking them to the curb should come easier, giving you the opportunity to make way for new connections. 

Mercury moves into Cancer on the fourth, pushing you to get some concrete plans on the books for the coming weeks. Use the momentum of this planetary placement to set some dates on your calendar, but remember to put aside some time for yourself as well.

Next Week's Love Horoscope For Scorpio

Week 28 of 2022 Week Starting at July 11 to 17

Speak up, Scorpio! The energy this week wants you to say it with your full chest. If you don’t make it a plan, you’re likely to suffer from word vomit. You’re no stranger to being blunt when you’ve analyzed something enough. But if these people you love and want to grow with, it may be a better idea to tread lightly in how you start the conversation. 

If you want more, ask and make sure to engage in open dialogue so that your partner feels heard as well. You could get the information you really need to hear, encouraging your personal growth. 

Alternatively, singles could benefit from working some personal glamour magic. This is a good time to shift your style with new clothes or a new haircut to match the level of fly that you’re feeling. This adds that extra pep in your step to step out and be seen and appreciate me for the star that you are — perfect if you’ve been feeling a tad cooped up and homely. It’s a brand-new day! 

Previous Week's Love Horoscope For Scorpio

Week 26 of 2022 Week Starting at June 27 to 03

With Cancer season in full swing, it'll be easy for you to prioritize your needs over others right now, and you should! Yes, love is all about balance within giving and taking, but with it being your zodiac season, it's okay to get a little self-oriented. Getting out of the house will be important on the twenty-eighth. Unfortunately, a harsh square to the moon and Saturn could put a damper on this cosmic charge, especially if you opt to lay around at home instead of chasing your dreams or new adventures. Try to make plans with friends on the weekend. 

This cosmic climate will activate the sector of your chart that rules friendships and leisure, which means you'll have an especially potent effect on the people you encounter. Should you find yourself at a party, you'll easily fall into the role of a dark, mysterious, and alluring stranger, which is perfect for attracting a new partner. A sexy romance will linger in the air, which means people will be looking to connect. While these new encounters will be cloaked in fantasy, there's major potential that something real can come from any romantic happenings that occur on this day.

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